STEEL DECK & STUD Contractor

CitySteel is a one of the nation’s premier steel deck installers. Our mission is simple. We ONLY provide steel decking and stud installation. Our tight focus means that we have the knowledge, equipment, resources and experience to provide your project with the services you need in the timeframe that you need it, so that you can continue with the rest of the construction. We aren’t being pulled in lots of different directions… we have one job, and we do it quickly and precisely to your specifications.

CitySteel works directly with erectors, general contractors, and sub contractors to supply decking and stud work for commercial, residential, government, manufacturing, sports, education and healthcare applications. Our clients know that CitySteel provides a high quality, worry-free installation that eliminates the risk of costly errors and delays.

steel deck & stud contractors in MI

Unmatched STEEL DECK & STUD Expertise

CitySteel’s team is comprised of experienced veterans of the construction industry who know the dangers structural steel deck and studs as well as the tricks of the trade. We own and operate a fleet of stud machines and decking equipment to ensure that unexpected equipment downtime doesn’t derail our project schedule. We are focused experts on decking and studs so that you don’t have to be.

We don’t "dabble" in structural steel decking installation. It’s what we do. We make sure that our clients are happy. We’ve never missed a deadline, never been pulled off of a job, and have never left a project unfinished. When you absolutely, positively must get the decking installed correctly, on time and on budget, CitySteel delivers.


Roof Decking


Stud Installation


Roof Decking

Insurance Against Unanticipated Costs

Investing in a CitySteel steel deck or stud installation means that you are protected against unanticipated costs and delays. You will know exactly what the steel decking and studs will cost, and you will know that it will be a quality installation, done on time. And there’s no up-front out-of-pocket expense. We get paid when you get paid, and not before.


Safety is important to us, and we work diligently to maintain a safe job site. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.8, and our goal is to get that number even lower by providing continuous safety training and mentoring specific to structural steel deck and stud work on construction projects of various types.