Structural Steel
Stud Contractor

CitySteel is one of the leading shear stud installation providers in the United States.

Quality stud work is required to correctly form an interlocking matrix with the concrete poured on top of steel decking. Our specialized machines allow us to weld shear studs with precision, ensuring a permanent weld bond. As a Structural Steel Stud Contractor, CitySteel works with all sizes of studs, vertical and horizontal studs and deformed bar studs. Our team has experience in working with leading stud manufacturers such as Tru-Weld, Cox and Nelson.

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Structural STeel Stud Contractor

Each type of stud and every weld requires attention to detail at every step. Our stud welders make certain that each weld is properly placed and the area is free of debris, moisture, paint and rust that would compromise the finished weld. To ensure that each weld on the job site is solid, the welding current and settings are customized according to the deck thickness, type of deck, temperature and other job site conditions. Completed stud welds are tested and visually inspected to guarantee consistent, long-lasting results.

Deformed bar studs can be straight or bent to specific shapes and require special skill and care to implement properly. Our team has experience and training in this area of specialty stud work and will provide rock-solid stud work regardless of the difficulty of the installation.

When you work with CitySteel, you know that your stud work will be completed on time and on budget. Teams that don’t focus on decking and stud work may only have one or two pieces of critical stud equipment. Downtime with any one of these may put the entire job site on hold until the equipment is repaired or a replacement found. Because CitySteel is a Structural Steel Contractor that exclusively works on decking and stud work, we own and operate over 12 stud machines, so that if one piece of equipment goes down it is immediately replaced and work continues without a hitch.

CitySteel would be pleased to work with you to eliminate the risks inherent in stud work. We welcome stud work projects of any size, and will happily work on any stud project regardless of whether we install the floor deck.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your project stay on track.