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CitySteel installs quality steel roof decks from respected manufacturers such as Vulcraft and Epic Deck. The basic function of steel roofing decks is to support the weight of the roof and any loads on top of it. Standard steel decks are usually 1 ½ inches deep, but deeper options are available if required. Depending on the load requirement, different profiles are available as well, ranging from narrow rib, intermediate rib and wide rib that are manufactured in a variety of gauges that will fit your project’s requirements. As a Structrual Steel Roof Deck Contractor, City Steel has the experience and know-how to select and install the best product and ensure a successful project.

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Architectural roof deck ceiling systems such as Epic Deck are designed to stand alone without the need to have this structural element hidden behind a more beautiful finish. With an architectural roof deck, the exposed roof deck itself creates an easy-to-maintain visually appealing space that draws the eye upward and infuses the space with an open, modern feel.

Architectural roof decks require special care to ensure that the system is installed correctly and the product is not damaged. Because the deck must be beautiful as well as functional, any errors during the installation may be easily visible due to the repeating pattern of the deck. Clients, erectors and general contractors require a flawless installation of this type of material, and for good reason.

CitySteel’s experienced decking team has real-world experience in installing multiple types of standard steel and architectural roof decks, and knows how to avoid the potential pitfalls that end up costing time and money. Because we are focused only on decking and studs, we have a deep knowledge of each system. We will provide you with high quality, repeatable results that you need to keep your timeline on track.

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