Structural Steel
Floor Deck Contractor

Steel floor decks are one of the best values in the construction business, combining durability and strength in a lightweight package. Steel floor decks are quicker to install than other options, and when shear studs are added and concrete poured, floor decks act as both concrete form and reinforcement.

CitySteel is a Structural Steel Floor Deck Contractor with a team that has years of experience installing floor decks from respected manufacturers such as Vulcraft. We will review the plans and installation drawings, and will quickly create a comprehensive plan to install the deck and ensure that it is properly fastened. Our goal is to get our work done quickly and safely so that the crews behind us can get to work as fast as possible to continue with the build.

Inexperienced teams can run into problems during floor deck installation, requiring rework that adds weeks of delay and puts a major dent in your bottom line. Because CitySteel ONLY does decking and stud work, we know from experience how to avoid problems and errors that cost you time and money.

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Whether your project is a mid- or high-rise residential building or a commercial space that will see heavy loads and use, our team will provide the high quality steel floor deck you need to ensure that the building lasts through the construction process and for generations to come.

We are dedicated to providing our crew and yours with a safe job site. Our record for safety on the job can be seen with our outstanding Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.8, and we continue to push that number down by providing the safety training and hands-on demonstration of safe practices that our teams need to maintain a safe working environment. We ensure that our teams are fully trained in the decking being installed and provide on-site mentors to provide each team member with personal attention to ensure safe and proper installation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can add value and security to your project.