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CitySteel works exclusively with floor decking, roof decking and studs. Whether you need a simple floor deck installed or a beautiful architectural roof deck that adds beauty to function, CitySteel has you covered. We are a Structural Steel Deck Contractor with experience installing Vulcraft, Epic Deck and other leading manufacturers of steel decking.

Our experienced stud welders work with top-of-the-line equipment to provide quality stud work that will stand the test of time. Our team is safety-focused, providing a safe working environment for our crew and everyone else on the site. This focus on safety has allowed us to attain an excellent Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.8, and we look to improve upon that score with every job.

We can work with you for any size project. Sometimes you just need a stud welder for a mezzanine, other times you may need studs, roof and floor decking for a multimillion dollar factory. CitySteel can scale up or down to fit the requirements of your project. It is our goal and pleasure to add value and security to any size job.

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ExperienceD structural steel Deck contractor

Less experienced teams may cause delays with decking or stud work that halts the entire build. Equipment failures and inexperienced installers can cause weeks of costly delay.

With CitySteel at your side, there’s no need to risk delays or a botched installation. We guarantee our work to you, and will provide a quick installation of the structural steel decks and sheer studs so that construction can continue without worry or hassle. Our experienced team has the real-world practice and understanding of decking and steel studs you require to make certain your job goes on without a hitch.

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